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Representing the views and interests of members in the Australian Battery Industry

Membership demonstrates your commitment to working with industry to Collectively ensuring a trusted, transparent and sustainable battery industry in Australia.

ABIA’s work program covers five areas

  1. Promoting the interests of the Australian Battery Industry
    – working with governments and stakeholders policy and regulatory outcomes to support industry best practice, and product quality and safety outcomes for customers
  2. Advocating for and driving best practice
    – ABIA supports members through best practice compliance examples and activities, such as workshops and forums
  3. Strengthening safety for everyone in the battery value chain
    – Collating, demystifying and sharing information through forums, newsletters and other activities
  4. Minimising environmental impacts throughout the battery life cycle
    – Collaborating with the Australian Battery Recycling Initiative (ABRI) to provide members with battery recycling information and services
  5. Providing a strong and unified voice on the views and interests of members involved in the Australian Battery Industry
    – Building ABIA brand awareness and raising industry and member brand profiles with stakeholders
    – Providing networking opportunities for members

To join the ABIA, submit this form ABIA Membership Application FY2023 to secretariat@abia.org.au.