What We Do

The objective of the Association is to represent the views and interests of Members in matters affecting the Australian Battery Industry. 

This is achieved by:

  • Promoting uniform information standards for products sold by the Australian Battery Industry
    • ABIA sets a “Code of Practice” for members that covers fair practice and clear and accurate information on batteries they sell.
    • ABIA encourages, and will follow up, any complaints by the public or members regarding any unfair practices or inaccurate information by any seller of batteries within Australia.
  • Acting as Advisor to assist Government and other Legislative Organisations in matters appertaining to the Battery Industry, in particular Health and Safety, Environmental, and Standards,
  • Watching, observing and collecting information concerning legislative activities affecting the Australian Battery Industry and making available to our members to assist in their continued compliance.
  • Assisting with information on product safety, occupational health, environmental and technical issues for the Association's members, sellers and users of the Australian Battery Industry's products
  • Gathering, compiling and disseminating news, trends and other information relating to the Australian Battery Industry and making available to members and the public.
  • Organising regular meetings and forums in order to assist members to maintain their current best practice. This also allows for discussion and networking within the industry.

    ABIA encourages the Public to purchase batteries from accredited members so as to ensure fair practice in warranties and quality.

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