Code of Practice

The Association’s Code of Practice promotes consistent and fair trading practices in the interests of the public, battery retailers and Members. Drafting of the initial edition of the Code included input from the Trade Practices Commission (now ACCC). 

·       The Code mandates as a minimum that battery performance claims be in accordance with the appropriate Australian Standard, enabling both the public and battery retailers to have a consistent basis for comparison of battery performance for all batteries supplied by Members.

·       The Code also mandates honesty in respect to country of origin claims on battery labels and advertising materials, specifically prohibiting the use of Australian maps or symbols (such as boomerang, kangaroo and the like) on battery labelling for batteries not made in Australia.

·       The Code requires that all warranties offered by Members comply fully with the requirements of the Australian Consumer Law (ACL).

·       The Code also requires that in all cases Members encourage, and make available to their customers, the recycling of batteries.

·       The Code also mandates that all handling, storage and transport of new or recycled batteries meets the appropriate Workplace Health and Safety, Dangerous Goods and Environmental obligations.

ABIA encourages the Public to purchase batteries from accredited members so as to ensure fair practice in warranties and quality.

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